Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nokia and Samsung up for the Challenge

The Apple iPhone 3G launch has taken the Indian mobile phone industry by storm. Now we are hearing noises from the Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola camp that they are planning to launch cheaper full touch screen phones in competition to the iPhone.

They plan to launch similar multi-touch interface phones and that too at a lower price. There is also word from top managements that the companies are working on an online store for music to compete with the prevailing iTunes from Apple Inc.

A study done shows that over 40 per cent of the phones will be touchscreen phones by the start of 2012. This has put every mobile manufacturer on their toes and they are all out to outdo each other, reports

Currently Nokia has a 70 per cent market share in the Indian mobile phone industry and the company is looking to keep the figures that way.

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